All Subaru vehicles are equipped with maintenance-free batteries. This can be misleading; however. Maintenance-free does not mean you shouldn't do a thourough look-over an your Subaru's battery and check for any wear, corrousion, and any dirt and grime. Check cable connections. Loose or corroded batter connections can effect the start up to your Subaru's engine, and if left unattended can effectively ruin your Subaru's electical flow.

It is unnecessary to periodically check the battery fluid level or periodically refill with distilled water. However, if the battery fluid level is below the lower level, remove the cap. Fill to the upper level with distilled water.

Before beginning work on or near any battery, be sure to extinguish all cigarettes, matches, and lighters. Never expose a battery to an open flame or electric sparks. Batteries give off a gas which is highly flammable and explosive.  You can always contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

For safety, when working on your Subaru's batter follow these recommended tips:

  • Wear eye protection or shield your eyes when working near any battery. Never lean over a battery.
  • Do not let battery fluid contact eyes, skin, fabrics, or paint because battery fluid is a corrosive acid. If battery fluid gets on your skin or in your eyes, immediately flush the area with water thoroughly. Seek medical help immediately if acid has entered the eyes. If battery fluid is accidentally swallowed, immediately drink a large amount of milk or water, and seek medical attention immediately.
  • To lessen the risk of sparks, remove rings, metal watchbands, and other metal jewelry. Never allow metal tools to contact the positive battery terminal and anything connected to it WHILE you are at the same time in contact with any other metallic portion of the vehicle because a short circuit will result.
  • Keep everyone including children away from the battery.
  • Charge the battery in a wellventilated area. High temperatures also reduce the efficiency at which a battery is recharged. CAUTION - Never use more than 10 amperes when charging the battery because it will shorten battery life.
  • Battery posts, terminals and related accessories contain lead and lead compounds, chemicals known to cause cancer and reproductive harm. Batteries also contain other chemicals known to cause cancer. Wash hands after handling.

If your vehicle needs a batter replacement, Subaru recommends (in your owners manual) to have your battery replaced by your Subaru dealer. Our Certified Subaru Technicians at Ferguson Subaru would be more than happy in assisting with any battery replacements.

When replacing your Subaru's battery be sure to:

  • Replace only with the same or equivalent type of battery recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Dispose of used batteries according to local laws.
  • Mount the battery in the correct orientation to prevent fluid leakage. Be careful not to bend the terminals. It may result in a malfunction.
  • It is recommended that the battery should be replaced by a Certified Subaru Technician in our service center at Ferguson Subaru.
  • Use a new battery.
  • After replacing the battery, confirm that the access key/transmitter functions properly.


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